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Our Departments

Baby Care

Our Baby care unit is filled with the most pleasant colors, soft toys and cozy cribs to give all babies the best care…..

Toddler’s Group

Aged 1.8 yrs – 3 yrs, our toddler’s group is one of the most amazing place where kids learn their first words…

Pre- kindergarten

Aged 3-4 yrs, our Pre- Kindergarten builds up on the foundation that each child has obtained from the toddler group…..

Special Education

Students who have behavioral, communicational, intellectual, physical and multiple exceptionalities may require special education …


Montessori is a method of education that is based on self-directed activity, hands on learning and collaborative play…..


We have a specially dedicated room for listening to stories. Amidst the technology filled lifestyle, it’s our belief....

Healthcare Department

We have a full fledge healthcare unit. Our full time licensed nurse helps out with all the medical needs of children…..

Speech Therapy

We offer a detailed assessment , diagnosis, short term and long term goals. Therapy is taken as per the need of the child…..

What others have to say about us

  • My son Abishek had literally grown up in Playhouse- from baby care to nursery ,all the way to Pre-KG. Needless to say, his accent and vocabulary in English is excellent. Since the school is filled with children of all nationalities, he has developed wonderful social skills. At present, he is the TOP student in the Kindergarten section of Rajagiri Public School, Doha. I am absolutely grateful to all the teachers and management of Play House for being a part of my son's first steps into the World of Learning.

    • Julie George - Abishek's mother.
  • First steps - you learn to walk, you learn to talk, you learn to read, you learn to speak and all this happens in your toddler years. It is very important that you are in safe and loving hands during this time. I am happy to say that I had this environment at home and also at ‘The Play House’ which was my second home. I am proud to say that I was the first student of ‘The Play House’. Noorjahan teacher and her team has played a big part in what I am today and I will be forever grateful towards them for their contributions to my upbringing. The thirst for knowledge that ‘The Play House’ implanted in me is the reason for where I am today - a freshman at Carnegie Mellon University aspiring to reach greater heights.

    • Hari Krishna - First Student of “The Play House’
  • My children Hari and Manu were students of ‘The Play House’. Hari was the first student of the nursery and he is studying in a prestigious university and Manu is in high school. Both Hari and Manu are avid readers and love Mathematics. I can vouch their love for reading and Mathematics was instilled in them from ‘The Play House’. The values taught and modelled at the nursery have played a big role in their character development as well. Thank you, Play House

    • Kishan Thirumana - Father of Hari and Manu

Our staff

Mrs. Noorjhehan Kabeer


Mumtaz Beegum

Academic Co-coordinator

Hazana Farwin


Preesha Boshy

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