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The Play House has various departments, all of which fullfill every need of a child, from baby care to montessori, to healthcare. Various departments cater to various needs of the child depending on their age, for example the toddler's group deals exclusive with toddlers between age of 1.8 to 3 years. All our departments ensures that all children are taken care of in every aspect of their development, from physical to mental to various social skills. The following are the departments that are present in The Play House

Toddler's Group

Aged 1.8 yrs – 3 yrs, our toddler’s group is one of the most amazing place where kids learn their first words. From basic vocabulary to action verbs, nursery rhymes and basic montessori lessons, they grow up to be a bunch of fun-loving talkative little group. Walls are filled with alphabets, numbers and nursery rhyme pictures to give children an all-around stimulation of the academics. Apart from academics, we also focus on building up their independence in eating skills, social skills and confidence in various daily activities.

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Baby care

Our Baby care unit is filled with the most pleasant colors, soft toys and cozy cribs to give all babies the best care. Cribs can be adjusted to help babies to sleep in as well as stand holding on to bars and enjoying their legs strengthening. Floors are padded so as to help them to move around in comfort and safety. Babies from 3months- 1.8 yrs are admitted here.

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Aged 3-4 yrs, our Pre- Kindergarten builds up on the foundation that each child has obtained from the toddler group. The teacher moves the academic skills to a higher level thereby preparing the child for a confident step into his Kindergarten at a bigger school. Each class is equipped with a camera ,TV for additional educational input, soft toys, puzzles, flash cards and other materials that help out with the management of the curriculum.

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Montessori is a method of education that is based on self-directed activity, hands on learning and collaborative play. In Our Montessori classrooms children make creative choices in their learning, while the teacher offer age appropriate activities to guide the process. Children work in groups and individually to discover and explore knowledge of the world and to develop their maximum potential. Our Montessori classrooms are beautifully crafted environments designed to meet the needs of the children of specific age group. Every material in Our Montessori classroom support an aspect of child’s development, creating a match between child’s natural interests and available activities.

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We have a specially dedicated room for listening to stories. Amidst the technology filled lifestyle, it’s our belief that reading is still beautiful when it is read out from books. It gives more room for imagination, curiosity, interaction and confidence. Children also get wonderful opportunities to enact and be the characters they love to be.

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Special Education

Students who have behavioral, communicational, intellectual, physical and multiple exceptionalities may require special education program and / or resource room services to benefit fully from school experience. The Play House offers special education services for children facing problems in learning and integrating in mainstream classes and teachers. Students are transformed from special individual sessions to mainstream classes according to time table. Individual Educational Plan (IEP) is made according to each child’s area of needs and strengths.

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Speech Therapy

Language and communication plays an important role in every child’s normal development. However, due to various reasons these can be either delayed or absent from a child as a whole. If your baby/ child doesn’t seem to be developing at the same pace as other babies or toddlers of the same age, it is advisable that he or she start off with Early Intervention therapy. Research proves that the earlier a child receives intervention and services, the better he or she will grow in communication.

We offer a detailed assessment , diagnosis, short term and long term goals. Therapy is taken as per the need of the child. One on one sessions are taken which is gradually moved into groups and then generalized into classrooms. Since , each child is different, their programs and prognosis will be different. As mentioned above, therapy taken as early as possible gives far reaching positive feedback than otherwise.

Do make an appointment with Our Therapist for more details.

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Healthcare Department

We have a full fledge healthcare unit. Our full time licensed nurse helps out with all the medical needs of the children. An updated medical record is maintained for each child. First aid is provided in case of emergencies.

Apart from this we also do have a nutritionist that helps in counselling parents on how healthy portions of food can be included in our kid’s diet. Working parents usually substitute healthy snacks with quick buys from the supermarket thinking it’s all ok. However, it’s not all that difficult. Our nutritionist helps with all such queries.

Last but not the least; we also have a visiting doctor who does a monthly overall checkup of each child present in the school.

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