Vision and Misssion

The Play House is committed to provide a safe and healthy learning environment where each child will be nurtured and introduced to life-long skills. Our aim is to provide a happy, relaxed and safe atmosphere to support development of practical, physical, intellectual and social skills in children by learning through play.

Play serves as a natural way for children to express ideas and feelings as well as to explore and understand the world around them. It helps them to be confident, independent, disciplined and responsible. Children will learn to develop respect and care for others under the supervision of our trained staff.

  • To provide learning experiences to the child in a concrete form through play situations so that the child becomes an active participant and not a passive recipient in the total learning process.
  • To provide a balanced, process oriented programme that fulfills child developmental objectives.
  • To nurture development of learning processes like observation, experimentation, problem solving and creativity in children.
  • To cater to the promotion of their physical, language and social skills.
  • To facilitate individual attention and continuous evaluation of each child.
  • To make learning enjoyable for children and develop in them a sustained motivation for school and schooling.
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